Meli's Story

Melissa Rosario is scholar, radical educator and healer who lives and works in Puerto Rico. She received her PhD in Anthropology and Latinx Studies in 2013 from Cornell University, going on to serve as a postdoctoral fellow at Bowdoin College and visiting assistant professor at Wesleyan University, her alma mater. During that time, she studied social movements and political currents in Puerto Rico, particularly interested in the process through which people transform. Committed to collective methods and dissatisfied with the options available to her in a contracting academic labor market she moved to Puerto Rico in September to launch CEPA—a physical space of praxis which nurtures our collective and individual capacity to heal from the legacies of colonialism and capitalism. CEPA’s purpose is to build an intellectual and political home that honors our earth, ancestors and the differences between us.  It offers a place where Puerto Ricans—from island and diaspora—and their allies can construct an alternative together.


Her first book, under contract with Northwestern University Press, Another Country: A Counter History of Puerto Rico in Crisis is a mashup of social history of contemporary social justice battles over land and education and her own story of return. It offers an alternative accounting of Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis told from the perspective of those trying to think and live their way beyond capitalism and related historical systems of exclusion. Another Country is a hybrid text that grapples with the meaning of freedom, recuperation and invention in America’s oldest colony.

While Melissa raises

capital to purchase CEPA’s

first physical space, she has taken

CEPA’s curricular offerings on the

individual consult if you are a changemaker who is looking to
cultivate radical resilience in
your own life and want to
support the decolonization
of Puerto Rico.