raquel's Story

Raquel is a mother, educator, chef, and writer from Brooklyn, New York who currently lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has spent a lot of time within the local, agro-ecological food movement and  believes deeply that Puerto Rico must be able to feed itself and change the way it eats if we are to truly break the colonial cycle. Raquel has therefore worked promoting the use of local produce from small scale farmers in various professional kitchens in San Juan and participates in local farmers’ markets as well.


In her role as educator, Raquel currently teaches history to high school students in San Juan. Through these daily connections with young people, she wishes to challenge standard ways of understanding the world, Puerto Rico, and the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States. She is particularly passionate about supporting low-income students, girls, and queer students to find their voice within a world that typically silences them. In her writing, her personal essays and memoirs draw upon on her personal experiences within sex and sexuality, puertorriqueñidad, gender, motherhood, and social class.


Raquel’s daughter, Odessa, blesses her with joy, patience, humility, and inspiration.